Pictures on your web page

picsPhotographs are one of the best ways of creating an impression of your business and this page gives guidance on how they are used and the requirements for best effect.

Up to 8 pictures can be loaded onto each web page shown as thumbnail images below he main image.  The image will scroll through the whole set and clicking any images displays it as the main image on the page.  Picture 1 is also used in full for the image on the summary block when searching for a business by category.

 Technical requirements

The pictures are displayed in landscape format, ie they should be longer in the horizontal direction than the vertical.  Ideally we like pictures to be supplied as digital images; we can work from printed material but the final quality will be much lower.  We can also usually copy pictures from a member’s own website but often these are too small (see below).

So that the picture quality is not compromised we require images to be supplied that are at least 1200×600 pixels but in general we recommend that you supply the best quality pictures available.  We will often crop images to achieve the best effect.  When displayed picture will be twice as long as they are high.  We display pictures as jpg files and it helps us if they can be supplied in this format.  However, if you do not understand picture formats or they are in some other format, send what you have and we will make the necessary changes.

If you are unsure about your pictures, contact us and we can help.

Make your pictures relevant

It may seem obvious but you should choose pictures that are relevant to the business that you are advertising.  Here are a few tips.

  • For accommodation and eateries, a mixture of inside and outside shots works well.
  • Most accommodation providers have an external shot as their main image.  However if this is not flattering, don’t use it and chose an alternative inside picture.
  • For accommodation, choose pictures showing different parts of your property.
  • For activities, try to include pictures of people participating.
  • For eateries, pictures of food work well.
  • For shops, why not include images of some of your best selling products.
  • For weddings, a bride is essential!
  • If you have relevant safety qualifications, eg for climbing, consider using one of the pictures to show it.  Example.

Advertise in more than one category

Some members advertise in more than one category, eg many hotels advertise under accommodation and eating.  You will have a separate page for each category and you should ensure you derive the maximum benefit.  You will have 8 pictures on each page so make them all different changing the slant to reflect the category.  Similarly don’t simply repeat the text on the page but use the extra space to highlight different parts of your business.