How does my web page perform?

Having created a page on our website, it is important to periodically review how it is performing; to see how many times the page is viewed by visitors and how often the links are clicked through to your own website.

Members can review their performance by logging into the website to see the statistics shown on the dashboard.


The right hand side of the screen shows the number of times a page has been viewed and the number of times visitors have clicked the link to see the member’s own website.  However, this data is not particularly useful since it shows the number of hits since 2012, or since the page was created. To get more meaningful data, it is important to set the date range in the top left corner.

This is done by clicking the red calendar icon at the top left and then selecting the required range, eg 1 June to 31 July 2018.


To select the range, click the first and last date and the period will be highlighted in blue. Finally, click the box showing All your listings and the statistics will be updated to show more meaningful figures, in this case 806 viewings and 61 click throughs.

When you first select the date picker, you will find it is set to November 2012.


It is possible to use the left and right arrows to click through to the correct date but it is tedious to go a long way.  Instead it is better to click the month and date, eg November 2012 which presents and all the months in 2012.


Clicking the arrows now advances the calendar by a year.  It is also possible to click the year and select the correct one.

Multiple listings

If you only have a single listing on the website, the above process will give you the information that you need.  However, if you have more than one listing, the statistics will be a combined figure for all your different pages, which is probably not very useful.  In this case you should click the box showing All your listings and select the listing of interest.


Interpreting the data

Basically the higher the figures, the better your page is performing but some caution does need to be exercised.  Experience has shown that if these figures are compared with Google Analytics, they are often significantly higher.  Our process simply counts the number of viewings and clicks whereas analytics programs are sophisticated software that will eliminate some erroneous data.  We do know that sometimes our figures will be adversely affect if the website has been subjected to automated attacks on the Internet.  It is best to compare the figures month by month and you will note seasonal trends. Any periods that are significantly different to the norm should be disregarded.  One such period is May 2018 when we do know that the website was subject to attack.

If you are able to do so, it is also worth consulting another member with a similar business as yourself and see how your statistics compares to theirs.