How are listings ordered on the page

randomAll pages on the website follow the same rules for the order in which member entries are displayed.  There are three possible groupings based the grade of a member’s listings.  There are two grades; Gold and Silver and “internal” entries and all listings are displayed in that ordered, ie all Gold listings display before the Silver, which display before “internal”.

Within each of these three bands the order of entries is randomised using the following rules.

  1. Entries are randomised differently for each user.  This means that the order will appear differently for each user (or computer) visiting the site at the same time.
  2. For any one user (or computer) the order will remain the same for up to an hour.
  3. For any one user (or computer) the order will change every hour.

starFor Accommodation and Eating entries it is possible to list them in their grading order by selecting Star Rating at the top left.  In this case the 3 bands still apply but within each band, they are in grade order.