Creating Special Offers

All members are able to display up to 3 special offers on their web page for any business listing.  In addition, if a business is a gold listing the offers will be shown on the special offers page.

Members can create offers by logging into the website and selecting My Listing Details and Special Offers.  Further details.  Members may also ask the administrators to create offers for them.

so1This button displays a help instruction about creating offers (this page).

so2Each of the offers is labelled .  Clicking the right hand side of this button will remove all details about an offer.

Three items are required to define the offer.

  • Offer Title – This is a concise title, up to 80 characters long, describing your offer, eg “Dinner – Two for One” or “Weekend Break”.
  • Price / Cost – Enter the price of the offer as text including the £ symbol.  If you wish, you can include qualifiers, eg £50 per person per night.  The price is limited to 100 characters.
  • Description / Details – Fully describe your offer.  The description can be formatted into paragraphs, bullet points, or numbered lists;  text can be plain, bold or in italics and you are also able to include hyperlinks.  There is no limit to the length of the description.  It is not possible to include pictures.


You must enter two sets of dates and it is important to understand the difference between them.  As an example, you may wish to offer a discount for booking over Christmas but only if the booking is made 6 months beforehand.  In this case the offer period would be 24 to 31 December but the display period could be 1 June to 31 July.

  • Valid between dates.  This is the period during which your offer is valid.  Offers will not be displayed after the end date.
  • Visible between dates.  This is the period that you wish your offer to be displayed on the website and this need not be the same as the offer period.

In each case, click the start date and then click the end date – all relevant dates will be selected in blue.  Do not select the first date and drag the mouse to the end.

Save your offer

so3When you have entered all the above data click the save button at the start of the page.    Offers will not appear immediately as they must first be approved by the system administrators but once approved, they will show on your own web page and, if you have a premium listing, on the special offers page.  If your offer is not showing, the most likely reason is that one of the dates is incorrect.