Check your web page

Members should periodically check their pages on the website to ensure that their details are correct and current.  How to find your web page.

Correcting errors or making changes

Members are able to change most of their data themselves or can send the revised data to  Members are unable to make changes to the following:

  • The categories under which the page appears
  • Grades
  • Awards

If changes are needed to this data, contact us.

Category Level Description

Besides the main web page a brief description and a single picture is shown when a search is made or entries are browsed.  This summary is a hyperlink and the aim is to list your main features such that users will click it to view your main page.  In the case of accommodation and restaurants it will also show any grade.  The picture shown on the summary is the same as the first picture on the main page.category

tfhBasic Information

  1. Is the name of the business correct?
  2. Is the description of the business correct and current? Are the spellings and grammar correct? Does it adequately describe your business?  We recommend a description of no more than 500 words.  If it is too short, you are underselling yourself.  If it is too long the reader may be bored. Include key words, eg wood burner or hot tub, as these will be included in a search
  3. Are the images correct and current? Are they the best images that you can use? Will they be attractive to potential customers? You can have up to 8 images and the first one will be shown by default. Guidandance on the choice of pictures.
  4. If you are a graded property or restaurant, is the grade correct?
  5. If you are a property, is the type correct (eg B&B or self-catering) and is the number of bed spaces or rooms correct?
  6. Is the icon for the Forest of Dean or Wye Valley correct?
  7. Do the tags under the main description list the key features and facilities of your business?
  8. Are the location tags listed correct?  You can list your business under up to four different locations.

contactContact Details

  1. Is the phone number correct?  You can list any number of phone numbers and they can be a mix of mobile or fixed numbers.
  2. Most members specify an email address.  If it is clicked, does it create an email and is the address correct?
  3. Most members specify a URL for their own website.  If it is clicked, does your website open?
  4. If you use Twitter or Facebook are the icons showing and if clicked, do the correct pages open?


  1. locationAre the contact details correct and current?  If required, the address can be hidden.  This can be useful for businesses that are based at home or activities with no fixed base.
  2. If the grid reference is given, is it correct? If the grid reference is missing, consider adding it, particularly if you are in a rural location.
  3. Try getting the direction to your location to ensure that they are correct.
  4. If you have included directions to your business, are they correct?  We no longer recommend including directions as there can be easily derived on the computer from any start location.  You might consider using this field for more general information about your position, eg distance from cities.
  5. mapviewAre the map details correct? Is the flag in the right location?

Opening Times

Are the opening hours listed? If so, are they correct? If not, would they be useful? Consider including the days and times that you are open and also any seasonal variations. Indicate if booking is necessary.


Are the prices listed? If so, are they correct? If not, would they be useful?  If you do include prices, remember that they should be regularly reviewed.


Are reviews showing?  For businesses that use tripadvisor, reviews from that site may be embedded into the web page.

Associated  Businesses

For members with listings in more than one category, eg an attraction with a cafe, the Related Business tabs shows the summary of all other categories.

Check Availability

availabilityThis is only used for accommodation and is the address of a page on your own website, or elsewhere, showing your availability or where online bookings can be made.


awardsIf you have been given awards, are they all showing.  You are unable to add awards yourself and should contact us if they are missing.  For accommodation we shows grades from VisitBritain, VisitWales or the AA.  For restaurants we show AA rosettes or Michelin stars.


If any forthcoming events are scheduled at your business, a summary will be listed.  Clicking on the summary will give the full description of the event.

Special Offers

It is possible for any member to define special offers (eg two for one entry) and the dates when they apply.  If the site is visited within the offer period, the offer will be displayed.

Filters and category

As a final check it is worth reviewing under which category the business is listed and if it displays, as expected, when filters in the navigation panel on the left of the page are selected.

  • As an example, if you accept dogs and children, is the business listed when Dog Friendly or Children Welcome is applied?
  • Do you appear in the expected locations.
  • If you are an attraction or activity, do you appear in the expected categories?
  • If you have self-catering property, do you apprear under the correct number of bed spaces?