Change member details

pass1Members can change their personal details associated with their account by logging into the website and selecting My Member Details.  When you make changes they will not appear immediately; instead the administrator is altered to the changes and will review and moderate them.  You will receive an email when the changes have been approved or rejected, and if approved they will appear on your web page.

member1Member Name – This is the name of the member or members which may not necessarily be the same as the name of the business.  This could be a company name or an organisation.  In the case of a business owned by an individual it may be the owner name or, for partners, more than one name.  The member is the person or organisation legally responsible and may be different to the contact who has day to day responsibility.

Member Type – A description of the member; Partners, Owner, Company, Other.

member2Contact Name – The name of the person who will be the normal point of contact with the Association.  Do not include a title.

Contact Role – The role undertaken by the Contact.  Examples are; Owner, Manager, Receptionist.

Contact Salutation / Greeting – This is normally the Contact’s first name.  Emails from the Association will start “Dear name”.

Contact “To” – The address for postal mail start with this field.  The default value is an initial, eg “J Smith”, but it could be “Jane Smith”, “Ms J Smith “ etc.

Email – This is the address that we will use to send email to the contact.  It may be the same as public email address used for the website but can be different.  If your general email to the business is normally collected by a receptionist, we recommend that the email from us is sent to a personal address.  This will not be published on the website or in brochures unless it is the same as that on your web page.

Phone – There can be any number of phone numbers listed – these are the numbers that we will use to phone you.  They may be the same as public phone number shown on the website but can be different.  If your general  calls to the business are normally handled by a receptionist, we recommend that you give as alternative numbers for the contact.  These numbers will not be published on the website or in brochures unless they are the same as public numbers shown on the website

Contact Address – The postal address to be used for all normal letters.  Mail will be addressed to the Contact and not the Member.

Contact Company – This is normally the trading name of the business.  Some members may prefer to omit this if mail is sent to a private address.

member3Invoice Address – By default invoices are sent to the Contact Address but it is possible to give a different name and address for the person that handles invoices, eg the Finance Department.



member4Web Username – You cannot change your username. Please contact our administrative team should you need to change it.

Web Password – You may change your password to something that is more easily remembered.  Further details.