Change listing details

list1Members can change their business details associated with their account by logging into the website and selecting My Listing Details.  When you make changes they will not appear immediately; instead the administrator is altered to the changes and will review and moderate them.  You will receive an email when the changes have been approved or rejected, and if approved they will appear on your web page.

If you have only one web page listing, you will see the details immediately. If you have more than, all will be listed and you must click Edit to see the relevant details.


Although most data on the page can be edited, members are unable to make changes to the following:

  • The categories under which the page appears
  • Grades
  • Awards
  • The bed space filters used for self-catering and hostel accommodation.

If changes are needed to this data or you do not wish to make changes yourself, contact us.

list2Member – You cannot change this field.  The member is the person, company or organisation that is legally a member of the Association.  It can sometimes be the same as the Listing Name.

Listing Name – The name by which your business is known and will be listed on our website.

Contact Name – This will be published on our website and can be in a variety of styles, eg John Smith, John & Jackie, Reception etc.

Phone (Public) – These numbers will be published on our website for public use.  You may have any number of different phone numbers and they can be static or mobile.

Public Email – The address to which emails from the public should be sent.  This will be published on the website.

Website Link – The URL of your own website relating to your business.

External Booking URL – Only used for accommodation. The website address of a page showing accommodation availability and possibly a page where an online booking can be made.  If you use FreetoBook, our recommnended booking system use that address.  Alternatively if you use some other booking system, use that.  It can also be a page within your own website.  There are no checks on this address and you can use it as you wish.

Listing Description – In this section you can put a full description of your business.  There are tools that allow you to put text in bold font or italics, use bulleted or numbered paragraphs and to add a hyperlink.  Is the description of the business correct and current?  Are the spellings and grammar correct?  Does it adequately describe your business?  Does it include phrases and descriptions that are good for search engines?  A good description is probably 100 – 200 words in length; if it is too long, the user may get bored; if it is too short you are not covering your best selling points.

Category Summary Description – This is a short description used in the summary block at category levels.  It can be no more than 200 characters (about 40 words) and should cover your main selling points.  Your aim is for the user to like your summary and to look at you main web page.

Hours – This allows you to summarise your opening times.  For shops and pubs, it is probably when you are open for business.  For seasonal attractions, you may wish to include the times of the year when you are open or closed.  There are tools that allow you to put text in bold font or italics, use bulleted or numbered paragraphs and to add a hyperlink.

Accommodation – Sleeps.  For accommoadtion, include a brief description of the size of your property.  The precise phrase will depend upon the type of accommodation and the following are examples.

  • Self-catering – 1unit sleeps 4
  • Guest accommodation – 4 double ensuite rooms
  • Camping – 50 pitches, 50 with electric hook-up

list3Location – This is the main location under which your business is listed.  Although you can list you business under more locations this is the location listed on the summary block, eg “Hotel in or near Coleford”.

OS Ref – For difficult to find businesses, particularly in rural locations, it is a good idea to give the UK National Grid Reference.  In general, give it as a six figure reference and include the preceding letters, eg SO 123456.

Directions – It can be helpful for visitors to include clear and concise instruction on finding the business.

Location (Map) – If your business is not properly located, just click the map and red pointer will move.  You may find it helpful to zoom-in or zoom-out and to view the map, rather than the satellite image.

Physical Address – Give the address of your business including the county and the post code.

Hide Business Address – If required, it is possible to set this field to “Yes” so that the address of the business is not displayed on the website.  This can be useful for businesses, eg activities, that have no single base but operate throughout the area running their business from their home address.

list4Affiliated Region – An icon can be displayed alongside the listing description showing the broad area in which the business operates or is affiliated.  Icons are available for the Forest of Dean, The Wye Valley, both or neither.

Location Type – The location type is only relevant for accommodation and may be set to Rural, Town, Village or Farm.

Tags – Tags are used to control where your listing appears on the website, how your business is described, where you are located, and the features and facilities relevant to the visitor.  You will be presented with a selection that are relevant to your business listing.    Click in the top right hand side of the box for a drop-down menu and select all that are applicable.  If you wish to remove tags, click the cross in the right-hand corner.  One set of tags (By Town) allows you to select up to 4 towns or villages under which your business will be listed.

list5TripAdvisor URL – If you use TripAdvisor, your latest reviews may be shown on your webpage.  Find your own TripAdviser page, copy the URL for reviews and paste it into this field.


list6Price Band /Type and Price – These two fields work as a table.  The left hand column is type of price (eg Adults, Family Ticket, Weekend Break etc) and the right hand column is the price charged.  The price is a text field and the £ symbol should be included.  The price can also include a qualifier, eg £50 per person per night.


list7Pictures – Up to 8 different images may be display on each member listing.  Images are displayed as 436 x 270 pixels.  There are two controls allowing files to be deleted or loaded; just click either block.  In the case of Upload, clicking the box open a window allowing the image to be selected.  A description may be associated with each picture which is shown as a caption when the image is selected.  The first image in the list is designated as the “Primary Image” and this one is shown on the summary block at category level and is the image displayed when the web page is first loaded.  Further information on images.

list8Special Offers Further information.