Rules for availability

  1. Property which is unavailable will not be included in any date search made by users.
  2. All property will, by default, be unavailable until the owner has made them available.
  3. Members will be able to set up the availability for each of their properties for up to one year ahead.
  4. Availability is declared for each listing that the member has, not for individual rooms – see below.

Specific rules for property types

  1.  A single unit self-catering listing is either available or unavailable on a specific date.
  2. A listing covering two, or more self-catering units, is available if any of the units is free on the date.
  3. Similarly, a glamping listing is considered to be available, if any unit is free.
  4. Similarly, a campsite is considered to be available if any pitch is free.
  5. B&Bs, hotels etc are considered to be available if any room is free on a specific date.