Maintaining your Availability

It is important that users of our website are presented with accurate availability information.  Members should therefore regularly review their availability, updating it to reflect new bookings or cancellations.

Website users are presented with a one year rolling calendar and for each member the period at the end of the year will, by default be unavailable.  Many visitors do book accommodation well ahead, thus to ensure that they see your property, it is important that you regularly go to your availability page and set the end of the year periods as available.

We recommend that users should regularly review their availability, perhaps one per week, or possibly every other week.  If more than 21 days has expired since you last updated you availability, we will send you an email reminding you to do so.

If more than 28 days has expired since your availability was updated, you will be sent another message and your property will not be shown in the date search (even if you are available), until you update it.

In most cases when you review your availability, there will no changes and the process can be very quick since there is a dedicated still correct button.


Using the still correct button will ensure that you property remains in the date search when it is free, but do remember to periodically make yourself available at the end of year.