Declaring your availability

Members can set up the availability of each of their properties using the following process.

avail1Log into your webpage using your normal log-in details.  If you are unsure of these, contact and they will be sent.

In the dashboard, select the calendar icon.





avail2You will then be presented with a 12-month view of your current availability.  Dates which are available will be shown in green and unavailable in red.  If this is the first time you have used the calendar everything will be red; the default position is that all dates are unavailable until you make changes.




avail3If you have more than one property listing, click the drop-down to view the list of properties and select the one of interest. It is important if you have more than one property that you repeat this process for each listing.

Change your availability

To make changes to the calendar, it is simply necessary to use the two drop-down date selectors to select the period of interest.  When selected, either click Make Available or Make Unavailable, as required.  The relevant part of the calendar will then change to green or red, as appropriate. This process can be repeated any number of times.