Accommodation Availability

Accommodation Searches

Users interested in booking accommodation have two basic approaches when searching the website.

  1. Some visitors know they are coming to the area but have not fixed a date. These users usually browse through all the properties looking for something they like; when found they will check when that property is free.  In these cases the visitor is looking for a particular type of property, possibly in a specific location meeting certain criteria, eg size and the facilities.
  2. If they know the dates when they are visiting the area, they are basically interested in knowing what properties are free on those dates.  Additionally they know the size of their party and the type of accommodation sought, eg camping, self-catering etc.  In these cases, users can use the Search by Date panel found on the accommodation pages.

Our website handles both these search methods but date searches are only possible if the member has declared their availability.

Note. At present date searches are only used for self-catering properties.

The following links explain how to use the our availability system so that you are included in accommodation searches.