Property Details – Self-catering

FreetoBook – Property Details – GeneralHere we describe how to enter details about your cottage; the number of beds and the facilities.  If you have more than one unit on the site, you are able to do this for each unit.

ftb10Unit Type

  • Select the unit type indicating the number of bedrooms and the number of guest that you can accommodate.
  • Give the unit a name.  If you only have a single unit, this is probably the same name that you gave in Profile – Info.  If you have a number of units, give each its own name.
  • If you can also accommodate infants, give the number.
  • Repeat this for each unit.  If you have a number of units that are identical (eg log cabin sleeping 4), you only need to enter the description once and later in the process you will be able to specify how many units of that type you have.

ftb11Unit Details

  • Give a description of each unit.  Although you gave a description of your site in Profile – Facilities, do enter another description here.
  • Select the facilities at the cottage from the list available.
  • If you have facilities that are not in the standard list, add your own.

If you have specified more than one unit, or type of unit, you have to do this for each.  However, there is a tool to copy from one unit to all which make the task much easier.



The first impression of the Rates page is that it is very busy and complicated however once the principles are understood it is straightforward and quick to set up a variety of rates. Start by viewing the video and then set up one rate, eg for a 1 week booking.
The crucial point to note is that there are a number of different rate calendars.
  1. The 7 night calendar is used for stays of a whole week.
  2. The 3 night calendar is used when you accept stays of 3 days.  Similarly there are rate calendars for any other length of stay.
  3. The rates page allows you to switch between the different calendars.
  4. The Summary page will show all the different rates on a single sheet.


The default calendars can be defined by selecting Amend Block Durations.
The rate calendar defines the total cost of the stay, its length and the changeover day.  The following will probably be clearer if you have also seen the video.  Using the 7 day calendar as an example.
  1. If your change over day is Saturday, you should enter the price for 7 days (eg £500) into a Saturday.  If your change over day is Friday, enter the price into a Friday.
  2. Starting from the day where the rate is entered, select the period for which that rate applies.  Click into the cell, hold down the left mouse button and drag. This will open the rate field in every cell.
  3. Return to the cell where you entered the rate and click “d” immediately below.  This will copy £500 into every Saturday (or Friday if that was your changeover day) in your selected period.
  4. If you are prepared to allow a 7 day stay to start on any day of the week, you should instead click “a” which will copy £500 into every cell.
  1. The duration of the stay is defined by the calendar (eg 7 days).
  2. The price entered is for the whole stay (eg 7 days) not the daily rate.
  3. Any cell with a price is considered to be the first day of the stay.
  4. If you have both self-catering and serviced accommodation, you should note the method for entering dates is different.

Close Outs

There are times when you don’t want to let a property, eg you may be closed for refurbishment.  Such period can be defined by selecting the Close Out page where closed periods are shown in pink (available property is green and let property is blue).
To close any one day, just click in a green cell to change it to pink.  Clicking a pink cell will change it to green, ie a click simply toggles the cell between green and pink.
To close a whole period, click in cell hold down the mouse button and drag.

Units Available

In most cases where you have a single unit, or you have given each unit a unique name you will not need to use this page.  However, if you have a number of identical units, eg “log cabin sleeping 4”, this is where you define the number available.  Once you have defined the number you shouldn’t to access this page again.
You will find that when a cottage is booked the number changes, eg from 1 to 0.  If you take bookings by phone or email, rather than via FreetoBook, you should not use this page to show the booking;  instead you should use the Diary and the number will be automatically decremented.