FreetoBook – Property Details – General

Most information about a property is set up on the Profile tab – note that links to pages in the FreetoBook account will only worked if you have an account and are logged in.


In these examples the property used is a B&B and the information will vary slightly for other types of property but the principles are the same.


ftb5This defines the basic property information.

  • The name, address and its location on a map.
  • Phone, Fax and website URL – leave blank if not used.
  • VAT status
  • The number of rooms (for B&B) or units (for self-catering)
  • Times permitted for check-in and check out.

In this section we recommend that you add a statement that a “booking is not fully confirmed until you have accepted it and a payment has been made” – further details.


ftb6Define your basic policies.

  • Do you have on site parking and if so, is there enough space for all guest.  Is free and if not much how does it cost?
  • Do you allow pets?  If so, are they free or is there a cost?
  • Do you offer vegetarian food?
  • Do you have Wi-Fi? If so, is free or is there a cost?
  • Do you allow smoking in rooms, public areas and outside?
  • Do you allow groups and if so is there a maximum size? Do you allow stag and hen groups?
  • Do you have any rooms with a four poster bed or a jacuzzi?


ftb7This section allows you to enter a description and facilities.  These are shared facilities that are common to the whole property or site.  Elsewhere you will have the opportunity to enter a description and facilities for individual rooms or self-catering units.

FreetoBook say If you don’t have any communal facilities then you can skip this stepWe recommend that you always complete this stage otherwise you will be left with missing information in the search results.

The facilities list includes most of the standard items but you can add custom facilities if you wish. You may wish to add items that add to the appeal of your location, eg pub serving food 100m from cottage.


ftb8For self-catering properties, this is easily dealt with by answering No to all questions.

For serviced accommodation you can specify if breakfast is included in the room price or is an additional charge.  You also have opportunity to enter a description of breakfast. If you offer lunch and dinner, you will similarly be invited to enter details.

If you do charge for meals, the price does not have to be added at this stage. It will be covered later.


ftb9Enter your policy regarding children.

  • Do you accept children?
  • Do you accept infants?
  • In the case of guest accommodation, at what age is a young person considered to be adult and do you offer reduced rates for children and infants.

Booking Policy

ftb18Define how payments can be made, the deposit required and you cancellation policy

  • Payment types.  This is not to accept payments online but the type of payments that you accept, eg BACS, cheque, card etc.  In the case of cards, you can define the types of card you will accept.
  • The deposit required when a booking is accepted.  It is possible to define the full payment, part payment, a fixed figure etc and also when the balance must be paid.
  • What payment is required if a booking is cancelled.
  • Whether or not there is any refund in the case of a “no show”.

Booking Details

Specify the email addresses that FreetoBook will use tto advise of bookings etc and also the phone number(s) that will shown to customers making a booking.