FreetoBook – WVFDTA Community

Although you may have entered all your property details and indeed may have the FreetoBook widget embedded into your own website and taking bookings, there is one final step before you can be included into our date searches.  You must approve your inclusion into the community pages and site administrator must accept you.

If you select the Home tab, you should see a WVFDTA option immediately after Feedback.  If you are not seeing this, you have not advised us of your property ID and you must do this before you can go any further.

Assuming that you have advised us of your ID, you should see something like the following screen shot.


The top line indicates whether or not the property is being displayed on the date search website and to be included a green tick must be showing at all four stages.

Profile Complete

In most cases this will showing green indicating that you have correctly entered all the basic information about your property.

Rates Entered

Even though you have entered rates for your property, you may still see a red cross.  This is because you have not entered enough rates.  You do need to enter rates covering at least the next 180 days in which case the red cross will change to a green tick.  We recommend that you enter rates for a longer period, probably the year ahead as many holiday properties are booked well in advance.  Even though you  may have once have had enough rates to be included into the community, you will drop out if the number of days falls below 162.  When  you log into FreetoBook, the Home page indicates if you have enough rates or not.
If you think you have more 180 days of rates already entered and the red cross is showing, look very carefully and you probably see that there is a small period where rates have been missed.

User Approved

If you have a red cross against this field, simply click the Approve button to be included in the community group.

Admin Approved

If this field is showing a red cross, you should email asking that the site administrator approves your entry.