Create a FreetoBook Account

Before you can do anything you need to register for a FreetoBook account.  The form is very simple needing your contact details and the name of your property.

You will be asked to select the type of property – choose the type that best describes your accommodation and for most people this will be Bed & Breakfast or Cottage.  When you subsequently come to enter the details for your property, the questions you will be asked vary with the property type.  As an example, B&Bs normally have a nightly rate whereas self-catering properties have block rates, possbily for a week and 3-day breaks.  If you find that the questions don’t seem to be applicable to your type of property, contact FreetoBook and ask them to change it.

The registration form invites you to add addtional properties.  At this stage we recommend that you don’t but instead first read the section below (More than one self-catering unit).

Registration is not immediate as FreetoBook do verify your details but after a short period you will receive an email with your username and password.

Login to FreetoBook

Tell us you are registered

ftbidWhen you log into your account you will see the property name and location in the top right corner of the screen; you will also see the Property ID.  email the property name and ID to – we will  then add you into the Tourism Association group.

You can always tell if you are part of the group as the Home menu will include WVFDTA as the last item. If you are not in the group, tell us.


More than one self-catering unit

The way in which you set up multiple units, depends whether they are co-located or in different locations.

Units in different locations
Having registered one unit, we recommend that you complete the entry for this before registering another.  If you try to complete all units together, you may find it a big task.  Learn on the unit and subsequent ones become much easier.
You register additional units using the basic registration form; you will receive a separate ID for each property but they will all be linked together under your existing account.
Multiple units in the same location
If you have a number of units on the same site, we recommend that you register just one property.  You will find that you have opportunity register individual units, possible with different characteristics.
As an example, you could register Wyedean Holidays with individual cottages called Speculation (sleeping 4) and Beechenhurst (sleeping 6).  This is much easier to set up and manage but also gives you the opportunity to advertise a “virtual cottage” sleeping 10, allowing you to be found by larger groups.

Help Information

ftb3When logged into the FreetoBook website, look out for the video help and the pop- up information blocks.


Contact details for FreetoBook