FreetoBook Training Course

We have now been using FreetoBook as a collective Search by Date booking tool on our website for nearly a year.  Full details of how we use this are on our website.

Since we went live with FreetoBook last December the members who have participated have taken 679 bookings with a total value of over £130,000.  These are the bookings taken directly with our collective Search by Date tool and do not include any that members may have taken on their own website using FreetoBook or by clicking through from their WVFDTA listing.  These “bonus”  bookings are completely commission free to you, our members, and we do not charge for this service  which is  part of your membership package.

Not  all members are using this facility, some for very valid reasons, but it is clear from the figure below that quite a few members are missing out on a valuable opportunity to promote their business and pick up more bookings. Is your business missing out?

Type Number on website Using FreetoBook
B&B 36 27
Self-catering 110 60
Hotels/Inns etc 25 6
Camping 15 4
Glamping 7 1

The only cost to you in using FreetoBook is your time in setting up your business on the system (that’s what this course is about) . Your prices, means of collecting payment etc are totally unaffected you just proceed as normal. There are some extra services you can pay for if you wish but without these it still works really well – as £130K worth of  extra business demonstrates.  If you  wish you can also show the FreetoBook calendar, prices etc on your website. If you do not wish to do that, you can retain what you have already and just use FreetoBook on the WVFDTA site. What are you waiting for?

We are running a half-day FreetoBook training course which is aimed at those not using FreetoBook or those that don’t fully understand it . Those who have had little success with it are welcome to come and see how to improve their  listing.

Date:  Tuesday 13 December

Time:  10.00 coffee, 10.15 start  to 12.45

Venue:  Shire Hall, Monmouth

Cost:  £12.50 per person

Places: 8 to 25

To attend this course, please book a place online using the following link.

Before the course we will send details of information that you should bring with you. To get maximum benefit, you will need to bring a WiFi enabled device (laptop, iPad etc) so that you can actually work on your entry during the course and leave with progress already made.

You have nothing to lose but the course fee and a few hours – and perhaps a lot to gain!