Create a new event entity

If there is no suitable entity describing the location for an event, it must be created before the event can be loaded.  Most entities can readily be found on the website under the various menus; they are something that the visitor is likely to visit, eg an attraction, pub, a town or picnic site.  Most events are organised in such locations.  However, some events take place in locations that generally have no interest to the visitor, eg a church hall, or even a field.  An example of an entity that exits only for events is the Catholic Church Hall in Coleford.  These locations are on the website and can be found using “search” but not using the menus.

It is only necessary to give very brief information.

  • Member – set to “Local Points of Interest”.
  • If you have the phone number, email address and web URL, they can entered but are not essential.
  • There is no need to supply any description ratings or rankings.
  • There is no need to add a photograph unless there is one readily available.
  • Set the master category to “Venue” – this will prevent it from showing on the website except via search.
  • Set one or more town/village tags.
  • The most important information to give is the location.  Set the Quadrant and the location.  If it is a rural location, give the grid reference.  Set the marker on the map.  If possible, give the postcode and postal address.