Members’ Facebook Forum

In addition to our public Facebook page, Dean Wye Tourism maintains a private Facebook group for all members which is free to join. The purpose of the group is:

For members of Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Tourism to discuss issues, ask for help and support each other in our collected aim to make our area one of the top UK tourist destinations.

Name: FDWVT Member Group


When you ask to join you will be sent a message asking you which member business you are from. You need to answer this message with your business name (sorry but it’s not always obvious to us!). Once you have answered with the name of your member business you will be admitted to the group.

The more who belong and who visit the group regularly, the more useful the group will be.

The forum is a Facebook group and is limited to individuals representing paid up Dean Wye Tourism member businesses so we can post about tourism issues that would be inappropriate or irrelevant for the public.

  • FDWVT Member Group is a Closed Group, which means that anyone can see the group and who is in it but only members see posts.
  • Only members can post on the group wall.
  • Any member can  ask to join, but the administrators have to give approval before they can join. This allows us to control that only Dean Wye Tourism members can see posts.

Below is a basic set of Do’s and Don’t’s to be used as guidelines for the group:

  • DO – ask for and/or give advice
  • DO – use the group for personal enquiries such as advice on services, marketing etc
  • DO – share any training information that may be relevant for members
  • DO – share good news
  • DO – ask for partners to collaborate on initiatives – e.g. if you’re a hotel creating packages for specific customers and you’re looking for people offering those same customers a service
  • DO – introduce yourself and your business when you join our membership! It helps us all to put a face to the name.
  • DON’T – advertise your business, products or services, unless you are inviting members to a specific event or offering a specific service which is relevant to everyone in the group. For example – do promote a marketing course aimed at tourism but don’t promote your hotel
  • DON’T – post your website or Facebook links on this page unless they are relevant to a post that complies with the rules
  • DON’T – endorse any other business (This is to make sure we don’t get unfair bias for larger businesses to the detriment of others that aren’t used much by members)
  • DON’T – criticise any other member or business
  • DON’T – ask other members for likes for your business page. This is not an advertising forum.

To ensure the best possible experience for all group members, we have established the following basic guidelines for participation:

  1. This is a professional business forum for our members and we ask members to act and communicate in a spirit of collaboration, positive support and mutual respect towards each other.
  2. If you are going to comment, we would prefer it if you could try and add value to the discussion or encouragement to fellow members. Let’s celebrate our successes and progress together. Please be friendly and civil in your posts.
  3. We ask that if you have any concerns about your membership, strategy or policy decisions, these are directed in the appropriate manner to Head of Membership Louise Lawrence and not posted within the group forum. This group has not been created for this purpose and these posts will be deleted.
  4. It is considered inappropriate to repost or draw attention to the fact that a group admin has deleted your comment.
  5. Anything that does not follow the rules or deemed inappropriate by the admins will be deleted or blocked immediately without warning.

Thank you and welcome to Forest of Dean and Wye Valley Tourism!