The Membership Form

This page gives guidance on applying for membership of Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Tourism and the questions that you will have to answer.  Application is an online process although you may have to contact us to pay your fees.

Business Details

  • Name of the applicant(s). Membership can be held in the name of an individual, a partnership of two or more persons trading as that partnership, a limited company or a public sector organisation.
  • Business name. This is the name which will be used on our database. Typically it will be the name of a hotel, pub, restaurant, attraction etc and is the name by which the business is generally known.
  • Address, County and Post Code. This is the address of the accommodation, attraction, shop etc as needed by a visitor, rather than your postal address which may be different. The post code is also used for locating your business on the website map.  The address may be omitted if you do not have a physical location (eg for an Internet business)
  • Telephone numbers – to be used by members of the public.
  • email address. This is for public use but any emails from us will also be sent to this address unless you give an alternative (see Personal Details).
  • Website address. Most members have their own business website and there will be a link from our site.

Type of Business. We categorise each member’s business into one of the following:

  • Accommodation of any type. When you supply your advertising details, you will have to specify its type.
  • Things to Do – an attraction, activity, shop, arts & crafts etc.  An attraction is something to be visited whereas an activity involves “doing” and very often requires a booking.
  • Business Service. This is something that often more relevant to our members than to visitors.
  • Food or Drink Producer.
  • Pub/Restaurant/Café or any eateries.
  • Shopping.
  • Wedding/Conference. This is generally a hotel that can be used as a wedding venue or has conference facilities.

Type of listing.  We offer 3 grades of listing on the website; Gold, Silver and Associate.  They offer different benefits and they differ in cost.  Not all grades are available for all businesses. Further details.

VAT.  We like to know if you are registered for VAT.  This allows us to asses the size of your business.

Details of contact and authorised representative of the business

The information in this section is for our use only and is not published on our website or in our brochures. This is the person in the business who is our main contact. In the case of individual membership it may be the same person named as the applicant. In larger organisations it is the person that is authorised to act on behalf of the business.

  • Name.
  • Position. It is helpful for us to know your role in the organisation, particularly for larger businesses.
  • Alternate Telephone Number. This can be a mobile or a fixed line and is particularly useful in larger business when we need to phone the member direct, rather than reception.
  • email address. If given, any emails from us will be sent to this address. This is particularly useful to ensure that our messages reach the member or manager rather than being handled by “reception”.
  • Correspondence Address. This should only be given if any postal mail from us is to be sent to a different location than the business address. This is particularly relevant for self-catering accommodation which in many cases differs from the owner’s address.

It is helpful for us to know how learned about us.

When your application has been processed, your details will be entered onto our database and you will start to receive emails from us. You will also be sent a further form to collect advertising details about your business that will primarily be used to compile your new page on our website.