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Ben Searle, the owner and publisher of  Cycling Guides says: 1_cover150_edited_1

When I joined Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Tourism 2 1/2 years ago I was not sure what to expect. I was quickly welcomed by the group and soon discovered how valuable and helpful this community is.  

Whether it’s reaching other members or visitors I have found there is no better way – most of the online sales of my guide come from clicking through from the Wye Dean website – each business has a web page as a free benefit. Further advertising – either online or in the Visitor Guide is very good value compared to other similar regions.  

Members receive a constant flow of marketing initiatives and ideas to get involved with or use, and alerts about anything a small business in the area can benefit from such as grant funding. Courses are run, for example on social media, at a fraction of the cost of elsewhere – which I have benefitted from.  

Tourism in the area really does depend on businesses working collaboratively for the good of all. Our tireless directors are always looking for opportunities to further the area, and Maureen, our Executive Director is full of inspiration, energy, ideas and experience – we are very lucky to have them!