Membership T&Cs

Membership Application

  1. Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Tourism Ltd (“Dean Wye Tourism”) is a company limited by guarantee. Dean Wye Tourism is governed by its Memorandum and Articles and members agree to be bound by them.  By joining Dean Wye Tourism members agree to be liable to contribute £1 each to the assets of the company, in the event of its being wound up.  This liability exists during the period of membership and within one year after cessation of membership.
  2. Applications for membership will be considered by the Board of Directors which has the right to refuse membership at its absolute discretion.
  3. A membership application submitted by email or from the website is considered to have been signed by the applicant.
  4. Information submitted on the membership application form is stored on a computer database. As part of your contract with us, it is necessary for your business information to be published on Dean Wye Tourism’s website. Members’ individual personal contact information (as indicated on Dean Wye Tourism’s forms specifically contact name and address, personal email addresses, personal phone numbers etc ) we deem as private and confidential and as such this is for our use and that of our business partners, agencies and contractors, and is not published to the general public. By joining Dean Wye Tourism, you are consenting for your personal data to be used in this way.  In line with GDPR, you have the right to request for this data to be amended or deleted. Removal of your information from our member database will result in you not being contacted with membership benefits and marketing opportunities.
  5. A minimum rating level of 3 Stars in the Scores on the Doors Food Hygiene system must be maintained by any business eligible to be rated under this scheme.
  6. New applicants for membership:
    1. Must have an email address as this is our prime means of communication.
    2. Must agree to pay fees by Direct Debit.
    3. Must have their own website or Facebook page (or similar) advertising their business.  We will not accept applications if the only listing is on a third-part site, eg a cottage-letting agency.


  1. The period of membership depends upon the payment method:
    1. For members paying by annual Direct Debit, membership runs for one year from the date of payment.
    2. For all others, membership runs from April to March.
  2. Membership of Dean Wye Tourism will be terminated at the end of the membership year, if the fees for the coming year have not been paid and no special arrangements have been agreed.
  3. If a member terminates their membership early, there will be no refund of fees for the unused portion of the year.

Change of Ownership

  1. Membership is not transferable.  If a business is sold, membership will lapse and there is no refund of fees for part of the year.  New owners must join Dean Wye Tourism in their own right although the Board of Directors may waive the membership fee for the remainder of the year if the previous owner had paid in full.

Payment of Invoices

  1. Unless otherwise indicated, payment of invoices is due within 14 days of receipt.
  2. Failure to pay an invoice issued by Dean Wye Tourism to the member may lead to the member’s pages and advertising on Dean Wye Tourism’s website being suspended.


  1. Membership entitles the member to a hyperlink to his own private website but does not include generic websites.
  2. Dean Wye Tourism will make available a page on its website for each business entity using the information supplied by the member but reserves the right to make amendments.  Members are responsible for checking the correctness of data.
  3. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that all information about their business is correct and current at all times.
  4. Members with their own website are obliged to display a reciprocal link to Dean Wye Tourism’s homepage.

Members’ Obligations

  1. All members must make every effort to display Dean Wye Tourism’s literature in a public place on their premises.