Free banner advert for gold listings

One of the benefits of a gold listing is that you are entitled to a free banner advert.

Two adverts are displayed on every category page before the business listings.  The adverts are relevant to the category and two are randomly selected from the full set each time the page is refreshed.  Thus when viewing self-catering property, there will be two adverts from cottages with gold listings.


How to advertise

There is no charge for these adverts, you just have to contact us and ask to be included in the group.

Advert Design

There is a small design charge of £30 + VAT for new adverts.  Alternatively, advertisers may supply their own artwork to our specification.  Advertisers may change their advert design up to 4 times in the 12 month period to accommodate seasonal changes, there will be additional fee of £30 + VAT if we re-design the advert.

We will only accept adverts/advertisers that are compatible with the ethos and design of our website.

The detail

  • Adverts are randomly selected from the available set.
  • If an advert is clicked the user is taken to a location defined by the advertiser.  This is usually the advertiser’s own website, rather than their page on our site.
  • Adverts can be changed during the year; it possible for adverts to be seasonal or related to specific events.
  • Adverts run for the 12 month membership periods and will be removed if a listing is downgraded from gold.