Share your pictures with us

The Association maintains a picture gallery that members can browse and download files and also contribute to if they wish.

Steaming on the Dean Forest Railway

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Full details on using the library

Submitting images for the library

We encourage members to submit good quality images to the gallery.  As well as adding to our stock for the benefit of the area, good images could benefit your business.

Any image for the library needs to be high resolution. Look at the quality of the images so far. The Association will only load quality images to best market the area. Any modern DSLR set to fine jpeg can produce an image of sufficient quality. Make sure that the image is pin sharp and “camera shake” free. Every high resolution image can be easily re-sized by us for use on social media. But everything starts with a quality product.

Images shot originally on low resolution settings in any camera, phone images and compact and amateur camera images are unlikely to be good enough for print publication (even if they are good enough for social media).

When you send in your images don’t re-size them or let your email software do so. If you don’t know what any of these things mean – please just ask. There is a great PR benefit to your business to having good images in the library. If you have such images you can simply email them to us for quality checking. If they meet the quality standard we will do the rest.

Credits and Copyright

The general rule on copyright is the photographer always owns the copyright. This will only change if you have legally specifically purchased the copyright from the photographer. Do not confuse copyright with licencing. When you employ a photographer it is important to negotiate an “open licence” which allows you to use the images for anything to do with the promotion of your business (standard exclusions are re-sales and competition entries). It will also allow us to include the images in the library and distribute them freely to media and other members. Unless you provide a waiver to the library those images cannot be loaded. If this sounds bureaucratic to you – remember that it has been the legal position for decades and is the industry standard professional way to progress the library. You should tell us when you submit the images who took them and if a credit is needed.

Bottom line – Do you have permission to send the images to the WVFDTA Library?


Q. Can I send pictures in from my phone?
A. Technically you can but they will generally not be of sufficient quality.  We are trying to build a library of quality pictures.
Q. What size do they need to be.
A.  Don’t worry about the size – just send us the highest quality image that you have and we will do the rest.
Q. I don’t know who took the picture.
A. To avoid infringing someone’s copyright, do not submit the pictures.
Q. The photographer won’t let me send in the pictures.
A.  In general the photographer retains to the copyright.  To avoid legal problems do not send the pictures.