List an event on our website

We are asked to list all sorts of events from major or national events, activities organised by our members and small events that are primarily of interest to the local community rather than visitors.  See our events page.

We welcome non-members to list events provided they satisfy our criteria.

  • We primarily list events that would interest visitors.
  • Events mainly aimed at the local community are not normally listed.  These include jumble sales, lunch for pensioners, small social events, club events etc.
  • We don’t list “regular events”.  These include regular Sunday lunches, quizzes etc.
  • We will list charitable events if we feel they are relevant.
  • Normally we will not list political events.
  • We will not list any events that are inappropriate or with which the Association would not wish to be linked.
  • There is no charge

How to submit an event

We like to receive information in a format that minimises the effort to create the event.  Ideally we want something that can be copied and pasted; a website is ideal or a text document or PDF.  We do not like to receive scanned images as all the data has to be manually entered.  If you are able, please include a relevant image.

Include the following information and ensure it is submitted in time, ideally at least two weeks before the event.

  1. The name of the event.
  2. Date and time.
  3. Venue.
  4. Price and booking information
  5. A description.
  6. Contact information – phone and email.
  7. URL of website.

Event should be emailed to us – see our Contact details.