Specification for Banner Adverts


If you are designing your own banner advert, it should conform to the following specification.

  • Be supplied as a jpeg file
  • It should be 500 pixels long and 300 pixels high
  • A bold design without too much detail (see below)

It is important to note that the advert will only be used on screen displays and not printed and that it can be viewed on any screen type ranging from a smart phone to a large screen on a desktop PC.  We will be displaying it scaled down, usually at 400 pixels wide but sometimes 300 and therefore the advert should not contain too much detail.

When the advert is clicked the user will be taken to a website URL of your choice, usually your own website which will have all the detail, hence it is not worth including the website or postal address.  Simple designs including an image, the business name  and phone number are often the most successful.

A selection of adverts are included below as examples.