Images for our new website

Strong visuals are vital in the digital age and for our new website we are going to need new images from you in order to better promote your business.

The below is a brief guide to providing us with the best images but if you have any questions please let us know.

Orientation: Images must be landscape format, not portrait and not square:

Aspect Ratio: On our new site your images will be shown in widescreen (also known as 16:9):

This may be wider than some of the images you have and this will mean that some parts of the image (the top and bottom) will be cut off.

Please ensure that all crucial elements are within the central area of the image and no wording or logos are near the edges. Anything outside the 16:9 ratio will be cut off (see example image).

Our new website system allows you to crop the images used in your listing yourselves. If you do not have photo editing software, you can upload your images, select ‘Edit Crop’ and select ’16:9′ and then use the outline to finalise the cropped image. NB. Remember to save before exiting.

Sizing: Images on our new site show larger than on our previous site so you need to send us your images in the biggest size possible.

On your listing page the ideal width for the images is 1220 pixels wide and the ideal height is 715 pixels high. If you are not sure what this means, click on the below image on a widescreen PC monitor and you will see how big the images need to be:

If your images are larger than 1220 pixels wide that is fine as the site will be able to reduce them to fit.

If your images are smaller than 1220 pixels wide we may not be able to use them. You will need to send us larger images or get new images taken. We will use a holding image until such time as you are able to do this. This will also mean that we will not be able to promote you elsewhere on the site so it is really important that you have at least one strong image of your business.

NB: Please do not send images to us which you have taken on your mobile unless you can confirm the size is big enough.

Number of Images: Gold members are allowed up to 10 images and Silver members are allowed up to 8 images on their listing. More images gives the consumer a stronger impression of your business and you have a higher chance of being chosen by the consumer if you have many strong images. If possible please do try to add as many strong and large images as possible.