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Our policy on political or planning issues

The Board aims, wherever possible, to represent the views of its members. From time to time, due to the inevitable diversification of political views shared by our members, we may not be able to offer a consensus view which is truly representative of our membership.

Forest of Dean and Wye Valley Tourism is in place to support, develop and promote members and the destination. It is not in place to take a public stand on political, planning or policy issues, for two reasons.

  • As a membership organisation, there needs to be 100% support from all members for a particular issue.
  • We do not have the resources in the organisation to focus on policy, planning and political issues; members are not funding the organisation to take this approach and therefore resources are not focused on this area.

We will however, provide individual members or groups of members with available facts, figures and research if required, and also with the communication routes to be able to discuss matters within specific interest groups.

We will make sure that key requirements in terms of development or safeguarding where included within the Destination Management Plan, which members would be able to refer to in specific instances where a matter required strategic reference.

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