Connecting to FreetoBook

Our website allows a direction connection to your online availability and booking using FreetoBook.

  1. Log into your FreetoBook homepage.
  2. Select the Plus tab on the right of the menu bar.
  3. Select Your Ads.
  4. Scroll down the list of DMOs, select Forest of Dean & Wye Valley, and set to On.
  5. Send email to who will then complete the connection.

If you have previously connected FreetoBook to the old Wye Valley and Forest of Dean (WVFDTA) website, you should ignore any residual bits still showing. This is a totally separate process.

You will be advised when FreetoBook is showing on your listing. You should then check that it is working correctly by searching for dates when you know that your property is free.

You should not that FreetoBook make a small charge for each booking made through this process and that there is a one-off connection charge of £49.

Forest of Dean & Dean Wye Tourism do not charge to use this connection.