Changes to business listings

ent1The Association is currently working on changes to our main website.  The principle reason for the change is to ensure the site is suitable for mobile devices since over 50% of all users now view our site on a phone or tablet.  At the same time we are making significant changes to the graphics and the content.

As part of this process members are being asked to review their listings to ensure that the content is correct and in particular that good pictures are loaded.  The pictures on the new site are four times the size of the old and it is everyone’s interest to ensure that the best quality images are loaded.

How can I find my new page?

We will be emailing all members with the URL of their new pages but they can easily be found.

  1. Log into the website in the usual way.  If you have forgotten your password, contact us.
  2. Find your listing details.
  3. Click the new button to view your 2017 listing.


What should I review?

The new listing has been automatically generated from the old, thus the content should be the same.  Review all the data and note any errors – most of the errors that you spot will be typographical, spelling or grammar that are present in the old listing.  In particular look at the following:

  1. The summary description at the top of the page, immediately under the business name, as this did not form part of the original page.
  2. The pictures.  This is likely something every member needs to address.  Your images are appearing larger than on the current site and the quality may appear poor as they are being generated from the lower resolution pictures that we had on the old site.  In addition, they are in a slightly different format.  If any of your pictures are displaying poorly, and many are, then we recommend that they are changed to get the maximum benefit from the new site.

You should confine yourself to the content of your listing rather than the page header and footer which are still subject to change.  None of the links in the page header or footer will work.

It is also worth checking your page on all the devices you have (eg PC, tablet and phone) as they will look different on each.

How do I make changes?

The process to make change any content has not changed – simply proceed as before.  Any changes made will still have to be approved by the site administrator before you see the change.

New pictures can be loaded as before but note the following.

  1. Choose the best quality images that you have.
  2. They should be loaded as jpegs – if you are using a graphics programme preparing them save them at around 80% quality.
  3. The pictures will look best if they are in landscape, rather than portrait format, in a 3:2 aspect ratio, ie the width of pictures is 1½ times their height.
  4. We recommend that they should ideally 2000 pixels wide x 1333 pixels high.

If you have any problems with this or have any queries, contact us.