Leap HR Consultancy Services

Leap HR is the World’s most supportive community for HR specialists and Small Business Owners to engage, embrace and enhance a unified approach to their business growth strategy.

LeapHRWe provide you with easy to understand training, the simplest tools and practical resources to ensure that you build, nurture and expand the best dream team to exceed your vision.

Every year I see thousands of businesses losing time, money and good people, including suppliers and clients, simply because they didn’t include a HR Specialist at the beginning when creating their business growth strategy. This causes massive financial losses to the business, a negative impact on customer service, unnecessary stress to the business owner and ultimately irreparable damage to their reputation that often leads to closing the business.

As a result of seeing 1 in 5 businesses closing every week, I believe it really doesn’t have to be this way. So I created a Global community that brings HR experts and small business owners together to provide simple, realistic support both ways. This is called HR & Leaders Unite and you can get started from as little as £47 per month.

Contact Details

Suite 29 Rheola House, Belle Vue Centre, Belle Vue Road, Cinderford
GL14 2AB, 07821 786172, info@leaphr.co.uk

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