JEH Laundry Services

Are you looking for an ironing and laundry service that gives you perfect cleanliness and freshness? Look no further than JEH Laundry Services. The local company that understands that first impressions matter, and that your laundry needs to be perfect, not just the first time but every time.


Our commercial laundry service is all about what works best for you and your company. We treat you as an individual no matter how large your company is, and we always get to know your exact needs.


cWhen it comes to impressing your hotel guests, you only get one chance. Make sure that you give the right first impression with beautifully laundered towels and linen. Let us help you to get it right, every single time.

We offer a cost-effective solution for hotels and guest houses of any size, providing the hotel laundry service that you really need, at an inclusive price that you’ll love.

From packed bathrobes to duvet covers ironed inside out, we provide the touches that matter.


bFrom the chef’s whites, to the table cloths and napkins, you want every aspect of your restaurant to look fantastic. That is where we step in; we supply a high quality catering laundry service at an affordable price.


Your business matters to you, and that matters to us, we can provide your workwear and keep it looking great with our workwear supply and laundry service. It’s just one less thing for you to worry about.


Contact Details

JEH Laundry Services, The New Building, Unit 1-3, Ellwood Rd, Milkwall, Coleford, GL16 7LE, 01594 810868

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