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Blue Signage provides a quick, easy and economic way of advertising in public places or receptions. Used successfully by small Hotels and Golf Clubs, our solutions provide the means to keep guests and visitors fully informed of upcoming events and special offers. Local advertising can provide additional revenue streams. Blank Screens normally used to play radio, may be used to display a mixture of video, photographs and text. Dedicated screens may be used to display conference room booking information, for example.

User-friendly editor

Our digital signage solutions are powered by a simple cloud-based CMS. Why choose cloud-based? You can login from any PC to create and manage content.

Combine your images, videos, social media, RSS feeds, live web pages and more to create engaging presentations. Schedule your content to play at particular times of the day, week or month. Make any changes and your screens automatically update.


Transform any screen

We provide media players to transform any screen into a signage display. These Micro PCs are designed specifically for signage, hand-picked for their reliability and energy-efficiency.

For projects such as video walls where more power is required, we recommend higher calibre Windows players.

Smart signage solutions

At Blue Signage Ltd, we want every environment and deployer to make the most of their screens. That’s why we have developers in-house who can help with bespoke projects. Our platform is uniquely versatile, able to integrate with other forms of software.

For example, integrating with property databases to effortlessly show listings on screen.


Contact Details

01594 888580,, Unit 17, Foxes Bridge Road, Forest Vale Industrial Estate, Cinderford, GL14 2PQ

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