30 November 2017

Thursday 30 November 2017, 14.00 to 16.00, The Speech House Hotel

Fiona Wilton, our Chair, welcomed about 60 members to our meeting in the Pavilion at Speech House where we could see the exciting development of a new wedding venue to replace the marque.  Completion is expected in the spring.

Paul Williamson, from Hillside Brewery, gave short presentation on the new General Data Protection Regulations due to come into force in May 2018.  Paul reminded members that anyone who keeps a database of any type should acquaint themselves with the regulations.  For most people the greatest impact will be ensuring that they have evidence that users have “signed-up” to receive a newsletter. Download the presentation.

Alison Breton, from Forest Hills Golf Club, spoke in her capacity as the Chair of the Trustee Board for the Dean Heritage Centre.  Alison described some of the challenges that the museum faces and also some of the changes being made.  Free parking has just been introduced, the refurbished cafe has opened under new management and a discount scheme for residents will be introduced shortly.

Ella Beard, the co-ordinator from Coleford TIC, described the work of the TIC and how they help visitors and local tourism businesses. The TIC is funded by Coleford Town Council, staffed by volunteers and has helped 13,000 visitors since in opened in March 2016. The TIC can stock your leaflets, advertise events, talk with enthusiasm about attractions and stock locally-made goods. They do not book accommodation.  In addition the staff answer whatever queries they can about the whole of our area, not just Coleford or the Forest.   Download the presentation.

Finally Maureen McAllister (Executive Director) and Tim Davies (Marketing and Communications Manager) gave an update on the Association’s activities and plans for 2018.

Many thanks to Peter, Gill and staff at The Speech House for hosting this meeting.

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