Float in the Forest

WebsiteThe deepest relaxation you will ever feel, the closest to weightless you can be on this planet.


Float on the surface of warm water saturated with Epsom salts, in a comfortable environment where sound and light are minimised.  Imagine relaxing in a giant bathtub that you can sleep in with peace of mind.

What is floatation?

The temperature of the water in which you float is carefully controlled, and kept close to skin temperature, as is the air.  People use floatation for a wide range of reasons from pain relief, to sports injury recovery, to peace of mind and meditation.


The blissful mood which many feel post-float can carry onwards and outwards into your life, and at Float in the Forest we take great care in facilitating this with a comfortable lounge to relax in afterwards, and the unique benefit of emerging into the beautiful natural environment of the Forest of Dean.

After your float you will be able to relax in our chill-out area, where you can have a cup of tea, and there will be books to peruse, creative materials to play with, and lovely artwork for you to enjoy, or perhaps you could choose to go for a walk.

Where are we?

float4Float in the Forest is your new float centre, coming soon to a secret location in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire… providing a wonderful floatation experience, with the unique benefit of emerging into a beautiful natural environment.

We are not open yet, but find out more on our website, and sign up to our email list to be kept up to date on our progress.


Contact Details

01594 715215, relax@floatintheforest.co.uk

View our pages

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