Gwent Energy CIC

Facebook5CIC means community interest company, and as a CIC we are strictly regulated on profits and assets. Gwent Energy was started as a CIC for one main reason – to help communities.
This, together with our passion for the environment means we can help local people and the environment.

Gwent Energy CIC is a not-for-profit community interest company. We provide the advice and installations needed, for your house, business and village hall to save money using renewable energy.

We can help you with your community energy project.

Solar (PV) & Battery Storage

bridges_4kwinverterchangeWe’ve installed hundreds of Solar PV Systems for homes and businesses – we’re pretty good at it now!

  • Battery Backup Systems – From £1000
  • Solar iBoost Installs – £250
  • Optimizer Installs – From £400
  • Care Club – £50/yr
  • Investors’ Club – From £250
  • Remote Monitors – From £200
  • Solar Panel Cleaning and Washing – From £250

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Gwent Energy CIC uses a local OLEV accredited electrician to install domestic, commercial and community charging points for your home, community or business.


Who are EV Chargers For?

Domestic. Charge your EV (electric vehicle) at home using your own electricity – particularly if you have economy 7. These chargers are small and unobtrusive, safe and easy to use. They charge faster than from your mains. Grants available.

Commercial. Allow your staff and customers to conveniently charge whilst at work or on your premises. Card and token operated charge points ensure controlled secure access to your charge points. Encourage new EV-owning customers to visit your business.

Village Halls. Encourage more visitors to your village hall and to take an hour or two re-charge retreat into your local cafés and shops. Charging point token sales can help support the running of your community organisation. Grants are available that cover the cost of the entire installation.

Contact Details

Phil Powell, Company Director,  07943 291229,

Cyrene Powell, Renewable Energy Advisor & Social Media Manager,  07738 093696,

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