You will be aware that we want to launch a brand new approach to apprentices in the #DeanWye – this will enable smaller businesses to work with up to 4 other businesses to ‘share’ an apprentice – reducing the costs for your organisation and providing a wider opportunity for the apprentice. This is not being delivered anywhere in this country and will be a great model for other sectors made up of small businesses.  So, the third benefit would be for the profile of the area and our innovation and your innovation as small businesses working together and thinking of the future.

I know that many businesses are interested in a) developing apprentices for their businesses solely, b) for sharing an apprentice and c) finding out a bit more.  I also know that perhaps some of the costings were prohibitive and the suggested organisation of the new programmer a little confusing – so I am suggesting a meeting between interested parties (with NO obligation) so that we can discuss the options and see if we can develop a clear way forward.

If you wanted to find out more, or explore the options PLEASE do come to a meeting with ourselves and SWAC on Thursday 26 January between 1130 – 1330 at The Speech House Hotel where we can have a proper session to plan this and take it forward in whatever way will work best for your business.

Please can you let me know if you can attend by COP Tuesday 24 January (and please cc Gill so that she can be sure of numbers). I do apologise for the short notice, please be assured this is not your only opportunity to discuss this if you are unable to attend, just let me know you want to find out more and we will keep you updated.

Maureen McAllister

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