We are now in a position to take forward our plans for apprentices in the Dean Wye – this is your opportunity to be involved in the process and to benefit from the scheme, both in terms of additional resource for your business and in terms of the high profile this scheme will receive nationally.

The plan is for us to recruit 4 level 3 apprentices – 2 of which will be based in hospitality businesses (hospitality apprentices), and 2 will be placed with other tourism businesses (we are calling these destination management / visitor economy apprentices).  The apprentice would work with up to 4 businesses across the year (3 months ‘projects’ per business), they would be employed by The South West Apprenticeship Company (SWAC) who would handle ALL of the administration (advertising, hiring, person specification, payments, college connections etc), and the cost would be up to £3k per business for this resource – for a 3 month project which meets the needs of your business and the core elements of the apprentice programme. Should the apprentice leave you or you wish to part with the apprentice during your 3 month project, the funds committed will be refunded.

SWAC will handle all administration and we will work with you to develop the project programme based on the project you develop – the detail of the areas the apprentices need to cover for the business administration (visitor economy) section can downloaded.

The SWAC model provides tangible benefits to both the learner and the host organisation.

Employer Benefits

  • Provider and Apprenticeship framework delivery information
  • Recruitment support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • HR and employment legislation support
  • Learner management
  • Contract support
  • Payroll
  • Performance review

Learner Benefits

  • Support to find a placement, including advice on interview techniques
  • Mentoring from SWAC Learner Account Manager
  • Progression and career pathway support

We are now looking for partners who may wish to be part of this scheme – and the duration (minimum 3 months) you would like to have the apprentice with your businesses.  We have suggested 4 apprentices in the first 12 months, however, this can be extended should there be a great deal of interest.

Could you please let me know if you are interested in either being part of the a) hospitality or b) visitor economy apprentice; the amount of time you would like them to be with your business; the project they would work on and your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for the months you would like them to be with you.

We would like to launch this programme at the tourism forum on 11 January, so an early response would be fantastic!

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