7 December 2016

Wednesday 7 December, 14.00 to 16.00 at The Anchor Inn, Tintern

Members were treated to a tour of Tintern Abbey before the meeting by Pascal Bidois from CADW. Members loved his guided tour and were full of praise for his knowledge and enthusiasm. Almost all had been there before but without such expert interpretation and it made such a difference.  During the meeting Pascal also explained to members about CADW and the various ways to be involved with them.

Fiona Wilton, Vice Chair updated members on news from the Association including the apprentice scheme, tourism forum, FreetoBook training and much more.

Emma Muddimer, manager of The Anchor Inn, welcomed members and told them something of the facilities available and invited local businesses to make contact with her.

Andy Edwards from Truly Independent gave a presentation on pension auto enrolment which small employers now need to consider.  He made what could be a dry subject very interesting. Download the following:

Bob Smith described an Ap that he had developed for the iPhone that introduces the history of the Forest in an different way.  Users can navigate around the Forest using the GPS on the phone and as they approach a historical feature, they are alerted on what to see.  The ap then shows images from the past and morphs them modern pictures taken from the same place.  A fascinating talk from someone who loves the area and its history.

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