Eating out with food allergies

eowfaThe number of people who have Coeliac disease or food allergies or intolerances has increased in recent years. Statistics show that 1% of the population is diagnosed Coeliac, up to 8% of children suffer food allergy, many of them to more than one food, and up to 3% of adults suffer a food allergy. Add into the equation those with food intolerances, those choosing a vegetarian, vegan or gluten free diet and you are looking at an estimated 20% of the population requiring special meals.

All these people deserve a social life and could be bringing your business considerable turnover if you can give them the confidence that you can provide safe food for them, they will bring their friends and family with them, they will tell their peers and use social networks to tell the world where they feel safe dining is available.

Many chefs and restauranteurs still believe that catering for people with Coeliac disease and food allergies is really difficult. Some are burying their heads in the sand and have a long way to go in understanding the needs of their customers, others are complacent about the food and service they provide thinking that they are providing safe food, but they show by their service that they have little understanding of cross-contamination risks. Some catering establishments are still unaware of the law that says they must provide information about their ingredients, or they refuse to provide it. Staff are not adequately trained and communication is non-existent between the customer, the staff taking the order and the chef.

Eating out with food allergies UK (EOWFA) is here for two reasons;

  1. To help catering establishments through the minefield of providing food for people with special dietary needs and making the information available. This ranges through Coeliac Disease, Food Allergies, Food Intolerances, vegetarian and vegan food.
  2. To help those with special dietary needs to find food service providers where they can be confident that they are as safe as possible during their dining experiences.



  • Are you up to speed with providing meals for special diets such as Coeliac disease and food allergy sufferers?
  • Are your staff suitably trained?
  • Is your kitchen setup optimised to deal with allergens?
  • Are you missing out on business?
  • Could you be doing better?
  • Do you need help?

Find out how I can help you to improve your service and potentially increase your turnover and profit.

Food allergy and Coeliac sufferers

As people with Coeliac disease or food allergies or intolerances, it is often very difficult to find anywhere that we can enjoy a social meal out with our family and friends. Sometimes the staff don’t have any idea of the danger that can be caused by food. There are those who simply don’t care and there are others who think they know, but the reality is that they really don’t have a clue.

I have set up EOWFA as a consultancy service for the catering industry to help them understand and provide safe meals for us all.

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