Taylor Made Energy Solutions

taylormadeFrom years of experience operating in the energy efficiency and renewable energy fields, we understand the increasing pressure faced  by organisations from rising energy costs. At Taylor Made Energy  Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke, practical and
more importantly a ‘hands-on’ service, working with clients to identify  and actually implement sustainable methods of energy efficiency. We  don’t just produce reports; we find and help make the savings for you!

Whatever the nature or size of your business, we can work with you to  design and implement the best energy cost saving scheme to suit your needs and budget.

Energy Efficiency & Cost Reduction

tay4At Taylor Made Energy Solutions, we do not believe in providing a single product for all clients; we treat each one individually. Following an initial free consultation, we will assess your needs in providing assistance to make savings and embed energy efficiency into your organisation; we will also suggest products that may suit your needs. Whether this is practical ‘hands-on’ recommendations for ways to reduce your energy consumption, formulating an energy strategy and policy for your organisation or just calculating your carbon footprint, we will provide a bespoke service just for you.

Optimising your Building Management Systems

tay5Do you have a building that always seems too warm or too cool? Are the windows open when the heating is on? You probably have a badly performing BMS but our BMS Doctor service could be the answer.

Renewable Energy

tay6We can work with clients to advise and direct them on how to make the best of the generous rewards offered for generating renewable energy, without having to pay expensive consultancy fees to developers. We are experienced in the fields of solar, small wind and hydro and can ensure that you appoint a developer that will give you a high quality installation, using market leading equipment, at the best price.

Contact Details

Taylor Made Energy Solutions Ltd,  3 High View,  Steep Street,  Chepstow,  NP16 5QB
07785313179, enquiries@tmenergysolutions.com

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