13 July 2016

Wednesday 13 July, 11.00 to 13.00 at The Speech House Hotel, near Coleford

The meeting covered the following topics:

  1. Mark Godsland from Gloucestershire Constabulary gave an enlightening talk on cyber security, identifying some the risks and steps that individual and businesses can take to safeguard themselves.  Mark has sent in a lot of very useful information and this is listed below.
  2. Jason Griffiths and Roger Deeks from the University of Gloucester gave a very interesting talk on Forest Literary Landscape & tourism.  They talked about some of the literary giants of the Forest and a project they are working on including the development of literary walks.
  3. James Brown and Jane De Zutter described a unique facility, Mobiloo, offering a safe and clean changing and toilet facility to meet the needs of all disabled people in Gloucestershire (and their Carers or Personal Assistants), within a mobile van.  Members were able to view the unit and see how it could be used.   Further details.
  4. Hari Fell, board member responsible for membership, described changes in membership fees and encourage members to use the new Direct Debit facility.  She also described steps being taken to recruit new members.

Cyber Security

Mark Godsland recommends the following links.

Business security

See also the following documents




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  1. […] and most people are aware of the treats, whether they be accidental or malicious.  At our last members meeting Mark Godsland from Gloucestershire Constabulary gave a presentation on cyber security and the […]


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