Sign up for Direct Debit & Save 10%!

As Ian Officer mentioned in his chairman’s report at the AGM, we have been in the process of developing our membership offering. As part of this development we have tweaked our membership rates, details of which can be found at

Rates have remained the same for Silver and Gold members, with the addition of a large business price, to make our membership more equitable. Very large businesses may like to consider working with us as a Tourism Partner.

We have also added the option to pay by direct debit. All new members have to sign up by Direct Debit and their membership now runs for 12 months from the date of payment. We have made these changes in part due to the amount of time we have been spending chasing membership fees each year. We now wish to extend this scheme to existing members.  There is an obvious benefit to us if you pay by Direct Debit but it also helps you.

  • The process is automatic and you do not have to remember to pay by a certain date.
  • You can set the date when you pay to suit your financial situation or business calendar.  Thus, if most of your income is taken during the summer, you may wish to pay in September.  If you do this, we will give a credit on part of this year’s fees.

If you opt to pay by Direct Debit we will give a 10% discount in the first year.  Consider the following example of a member with one Gold listing which costs £250 per year.  By opting for Direct Debit the fee is reduced to £225.  You may wish to move your renewal date to 30 September which means that there is a credit of three months from this years’ fee – £62.50 which can be offset against next year’s fees.  This means that the fee for the period 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017 will be £162.50.  In subsequent years the fee will of course be the normal rate of £250.

We hope that you can see the benefit of changing to Direct Debit both for the Association and for you, our members.

If you do wish to change to Direct Debit, please let us know replying to this email indicating the date when you wish the payment to be taken, and what level of membership you would like for 12 months from that date.  (You can have a renewal date of January 1st and still benefit from the discount.) We will then send you links to the online process where you can sign up.

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