On Your Bike!

cycle1With the popularity of cycling, our excellent credentials as a cycling haven across the three counties and the Tour of Britain (TOB) coming to the area on 8 September, we have doubled our efforts to position our area as the UK’s number one cycling destination. To maximize PR and social media interest, as always, we need you.

Can you please let us know if you can work with us on the following ideas, if you have any of the facilities we need, or want to develop them?  Finally tell us your cycling facts and figure.

1.  Festival of Cycling

We are launching a festival of cycling (working title, if you have any better ideas let me know) this year to run from 8 August until the 8 September – which will be the TOB and the festival finale.  We would like to brand any cycle activities under this banner and we need to know what is happening in the area.

Even if you do not have a cycling related business, you could participate – let’s get creative: pottery cycles, wheel pizzas, steam bikes … please could you let kelly (kelly@aptmarketing.co.uk) have this information by Monday 18 July.

 2.  Cycle Art

We will launch our cycle art on 8 August.  Please could you let me know if you will be taking part and display a cycle outside of your property for the duration of the festival.

Each bike should be decorated, themes, and/or made from non-bicycle materials.  A bike made from trees would be fantastic; bike parts hanging from trees; flower filled; knitted, weird and wacky as you like. Think retro; think Star Wars, heritage, water-based – as eye catching and marvellous as possible.  Please do get involved.


We will take pictures and promote on the website, in social media and also via our PR activity. We will also do a trail and link it to a competition.  If you plan on getting your bike ready before 8 August let us know, and we will use your bikes for our teaser campaign.

3.  Cycling Facilities

What facilities do you offer to cyclists?  Please let us know so that we can create a clear picture of everyone’s offer.  If you don’t yet, what would you like to offer?

4 Cycling Facts

Do you have any little known facts about cycling in the DeanWye?  Do you have any old images of cyclists?  Do you know who had the first bike in the area?  When the first off road cycling took place?  Any famous cyclists from the area?  Please let us know what you know!

Thank you as always for your help, lets hit the headlines again this summer!

Maureen McAllister, Executive Director


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