Caring for your pets like a member of our family. Home away from home, safe professional boarding, sitting, day care & transport for your pets. Any length, living with us as family. No kennels/cages

SWAT Pets is a small family run business that offers a home-from-home service for all household pets.

If you are living in the area, or just visiting, we offer services that will ensure that your pets are looked after if you’re away from home for just a few hours or a few weeks.

  • If you’re popping out for the evening and don’t want to leave your pets alone; (perhaps you’re visiting the area, and you’re not allowed to leave them alone where you’re staying).
  • Going away for a weekend and don’t want to put your animals into a cattery or kennels? Why not let us look after them by either coming to your house, or the animals coming to ours.
  • Need to get your animal to the vets for a check-up but can’t get there yourself? Perhaps you don’t have a car or it is in the garage
  • Have you bought a new pet from a breeder, but you need someone to collect it from the breeder?

We can help with all of these and many other services

We can help with all of these and many other services.

swat4We are fully insured for all of the services that we offer, which are:

Sitting / Boarding

  • House and pet sitting so that you can be happy in the knowledge that your home and animals are looked after whilst you are away.
  • Going away for just a day, or even for a while, but don’t need the full service? We offer a “Quick Sit”. We will come in, feed your pets, clean up the litter, collect the mail and other minor house keeping tasks as required – cuddles included free of charge.
  • Home Boarding service, where your pets can come and stay with us in our home. They will never be locked in a cage, unlike in a kennels, and will be free to wander the house and our secure safe garden. We will feed them as you wish, with either the food that you provide or with the food that we use – a premium senior/lite food that ensures that they’re fed quality food, with a reduced risk of weight and joint issues (full details and nutritional breakdown available on request).

Whether staying at your house or ours, they will be taken for walks in the Forest of Dean on or off lead as per your direction.


We offer everything from local Vet Taxi service, trips to the Stud (and a wait if necessary), National and European collection & deliveries.

You name it and we can cover it, just ask and we can tailor to your needs.


  • From a 1 hour “Quick-Sit” for £12.50. Up to a 12 hr stay for £50 (must be booked several months in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • From £17.50 per 24hr period, or part thereof (10%discount for second dog).
  • From £12.50/hr for a group walk (no more than 4 dogs at once) (price is per dog, discounts for multiple dogs from same family).

Contact Details

07779 4477887, admin@swatpets.co.uk

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