The Resilience Centre


Resilience is the ability to adapt to change and continue to not only function, but also to thrive.

In a world challenged by climate change and the limited availability of non-renewable resources, a focus on Resilience is sustainability in its broadest sense.

Since 2009 The Resilience Centre has been working with landowners, communities, businesses and other like-minded individuals to help build Resilience through its focus on Sustainable Solutions for People and Planet. The Resilience Centre’s primary areas of focus are energy, land, water, woodland, business and community. Its work is grounded in multi-disciplinary professional skills, an extensive knowledge base and creation of innovative practical solutions which can then be replicated.

The potential for social, environmental and local economic gains for local communities are the key drivers for this social purpose business. In addition to developing community energy projects, The Resilience Centre provides bespoke consultancy, professional courses and events to help inform, inspire and develop skills for sustainability and resilience. Our upcoming events currently include:

  • The Resilience Centre’s Resilient Futures Marquee at the Forest Showcase, Sunday 4th October, Speech House.
  • Community wind turbine educational open days, dates to be confirmed soon; (please check our website, small groups by arrangement).
  • Sustainability films festival, details to be confirmed soon.
  • Resilient woodlands initiative, collaborative opportunities for social, environmental and economic benefit. Details to be confirmed soon.
  • Community resilience workshops. Details to be confirmed soon. and more to be announced in the near future.

Contact Details

The Resilience Centre, Woodlands, Woodside, Woolaston, Lydney
Gloucestershire, GL15 6PS
01594 529688,

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