Gloucestershire Gateway Trust


Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, a ground-breaking partnership between local communities and a motorway services business


The idea of creating a motorway services on the M5 which would not only create local jobs but provide a sustainable income to help local communities thrive, first came to Mark Gale, chief executive of Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, in 1994.

“We had 28 million vehicles a year carrying over 40 million people into Gloucestershire at one end and going out the other on the M5. No-one in the communities it passed by got any benefit; it was just seen as a problem bringing pollution, congestion and noise.”

Now, twenty years later, Mark’s vision has become a reality thanks to a unique partnership with the Westmorland Family business in developing the new Gloucester Services on the M5.

Over the next 20 years, the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust will plough an estimated £10m income generated by the new Services into sustainable community projects through its local charity partners.

More than 300 jobs have already been created – with at least half going to people living in the Trust’s target communities of Matson, Tuffley, Podsmead and White City and the Stonehouse/GL10 area and two community support hubs have been opened.

“Now we’ve turned the M5 into a community asset.”

Gloucestershire Gateway Trust is the charity partner in the new M5 Gloucester Services, working alongside the Westmorland Family, pioneers of building motorway services ‘with a difference’; focusing on local suppliers and high quality food.

Gloucester Services’ partnership with the Trust is not just about charitable donations, it is a more fundamental way of connecting business and community for the benefit of both.

Contact Details

Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, 81 Matson Avenue, Gloucester, GL4 6LL
07970 694 521,

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