Bees for Development


What we do

Bees for Development assists beekeepers living in poor and remote areas of the world – lifting them out of poverty through beekeeping. We work with individuals, trainers, community groups and associations, raising the profile of apiculture in developing countries to ensure a sustainable future for bees, people and the environment.

We run sustainable beekeeping courses in Monmouth and the Forest of Dean.

Bees for Development Shop

bees2Our Monmouth shop sells honeys and bee products from local and African beekeepers, as well as candles, cosmetics, books, gifts, beekeeping equipment, honey beers and mead, and vouchers for sustainable beekeeping courses. All proceeds go to support our charitable work in developing countries. The shop is open Monday to Friday  9.00am – 5.00pm & Saturday 9.30am – 5.00pm.

Books and training resources are also available from our online shop

Information Gallery

Drop into our Information Gallery in Monmouth to find out more about beekeeping, our work and our overseas partners. You can learn about our approaches to beekeeping and sustainability, pick up some information resources and – shortly- be able to peruse our photo gallery too! Please come and visit.

Bee Friendly Monmouthshire

bees1Monmouthshire has recently become a bee friendly county, by allowing verges to grow for longer, and planting flower beds.

The flower beds that were planted in early 2014 are not only bee friendly, also provide a beautiful visual display for both residents and tourists, enhancing the already stunning Monmouthshire landscape. The distinctive bee friendly logo can be found next to the beds, reminding onlookers of the core purpose of the campaign.

Bees for Development played a large part in the growth of Bee Friendly Monmouthshire, helping to raise awareness of the declining bee population within the UK.

Contact Details

Bees for Development, 1 Agincourt Street, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, NP25 3DZ
01600 714848,

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