Severn Cider


Cider has traditionally been produced in Awre, Gloucestershire for centuries and by the Bull family through three generations. We moved into commercial production in response to local demand for our cider and perry for community celebrations. Demand has been growing ever since. All our bottled sparkling cider and perry have won first class awards in major contests. We are a small family business so can maintain a careful watch on all our processes and care for our customers, whilst producing cider and perry of the most exquisite flavour.

The Process

perryOur fruit is grown in orchards that we ensure have been neither sprayed nor fertilised. The fruit is selected from local orchards producing traditional varieties that offer vintage quality of fruit. We are committed to conserving and propagating old traditional varieties. We have recently established ‘Box Kernel’ in our orchards. which to the best of our knowledge is peculiar to the village of Awre.

Our trees are harvested at different times to ensure each variety is picked at its peak for perfect ripeness. The fruit is mainly hand picked in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment, against a backdrop of our glorious Gloucestershire countryside. All fruit is hand sorted and washed, ready for milling and processing. The juice is fermented and then matured in oak casks until ready for bottling.

When bottling we label each variety with a specially commissioned print from local artist Steve Hyslop. These prints demonstrate the dramatic diversity of our rural environment.

Try Some

  • adminupload_556c37808f1e83Try our single variety draught ciders and perry as they each become ready. Available in 1 litre, 2.4litre, 5 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre containers, or bring your own.
  • Try our award winning bottled ciders and perry. Available in single bottles or cases of twelve.
  • Try our local honey, preserves, Severn Cider marmalade, Nick’s hot spicy chilli oil,  local fruit wines, cards, beautiful natural soaps,and Tewkesbury mustard as seen on TV with Ainsley Harriott made with Severn Cider.

Contact Details

Severn Cider Ltd, The Old Vicarage, Northington Lane, Awre, Gloucestershire, GL141EL
01594 510282, 07890 479873,

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