Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry Co

fjgpj_saThe Johnson family have been pressing cider at Broome Farm since the 1930s. Today it is produced in the same traditional way in the unique soil and climate of Herefordshire. This keeps the cider making pure and simple. The purity comes from using only whole juice, and the simplicity comes from allowing natural fermentation.

All our cider and perry is made from pure apple and pear juice, pressed on the farm, mainly from our own fruit. Occasionally some different varieties of apples and pears from local farms are used to create a greater range of both single varieties and blends.

Our scale of cider and perry production allows us to make small batches of single variety and blends. You can find the full range of all our draught and bottled cider in the Cider Shop at the Yew Tree Inn, Peterstow, the pub which we manage. Hopefully, each time you visit, we can offer you a new distinctive range of cider and perry.

Tasting Tour

You are welcome to visit our Cider Shop during opening hours, 12 noon to 9 p.m. every day, where you will be offered our draught ciders to try. We (almost!) always have three different dry draught cider and one dry draught perry available for you to try.

Visit our shop at Broome Farm

Contact Details

Broome Farm, Peterstow, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 6QG
01989 567232,

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