Orchards Cider & Perry Co

dsc_groupTraditionally crafted cider and perry produced in the village of Brockweir located in the Wye Valley – an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty. using cider apples and perry pears from the local area of Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire, the village is situated on the River Wye which is the border between England and Wales.

The fruits are collected from near by orchards, some of which are very old containing some interesting and rare varieties of full standard trees, our ciders and perries are seasonal and vary from year to year according to the impact of the weather.

We have relocated in the village and our award winning products are now being made on a smaller scale to the same high standards using traditional methods with the assistance of some modern equipment and stainless steel fermentation tanks.

ai90mfdfGreen Credentials: Our pressing equipment is driven by water which is recirculated; our power comes via solar panels.

The products are available at local shows , stores and Inns, Unfortunately we are not currently open to the general public.

All our ciders and perries are made using local cider and perry fruits from Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire. This was recognised in May of 2003 when Orchard’s Cider and Perry Co was the first cider maker in Gloucestershire to be awarded with a PGI certificate (Protection of Geographical Indication Certificate of Conformity) by Herefordshire Environmental Health & Trading Standards Service for Gloucestershire Perry, Gloucestershire Dry, Medium and Sweet Cider.

Contact Details

Orchards Cider and Perry Co, Brockweir, Nr Chepstow, NP16 7PE
01291 689536, info@orchardsciderandperry.com

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